What is Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy is considered a gentle therapy where hypnosis is an enhanced state of relaxation (mental and physical), which allows the deeper parts of the mind to become more accessible. Hypnotherapy is the therapy of your emotions, in effect it is gently healing by trance. Whilst it is a form of psychological therapy, hypnotherapy is distinct in that it works with the subconscious mind to create change. The subconscious mind makes up roughly 90% of our brains.

Hypnotherapy then, is the changing of unhelpful or damaging subconscious patterns during a state of profound physical and mental relaxation. It is in this wonderfully relaxed state that we can work more deeply, and therefore changes are often longer term and achieved much more quickly.

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There is no loss of consciousness, you are in control at all times. Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of trance. Everyone has been in some form of trance in their lives at one time or another: have you ever daydreamed out of the window and suddenly realised that a large amount of time has passed and you were thinking of little if anything at all!

Your brains normal waking state is what we call beta brainwaves, fast waves, where your conscious mind is generally in control of actions, decisions and thinking.  During hypnosis your brainwaves slow down to an alpha state, similar to those moments just before you fall asleep. Your conscious brain quietens. It is in this slow, relaxed and tranquil state that your subconscious mind which controls your behaviours, emotions, habits and memories is most accessible and most receptive to change.

I will guide you through to this relaxed state of trance where we can work on identifying, understanding and changing the subconscious processes and the patterns of behaviour, thoughts or emotions which are holding you back or are keeping you trapped.

We will work together to change these unwanted processes, and access your inner potential, to create new positive patterns for your subconscious and achieve potentially long lasting positive change.

Hypnotherapy can be a wonderful voyage of discovery whose starting point needs only the belief that change can happen…

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